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1st class:13.09.10
In this class we discussed about the scope of the subject. The topics we have to study and the book we have to refer.
2nd class:14.09.10
We discussed about the constraints of the management, ipr & entrepreneurship. We studied the aspects of these with the help of a case study.
Case study:- You have recently completed a proffesional cource. What will you do to get into some career?  
3rd Class:15.09.10
we discussed about the etymological meaning of engineer. It comes from the "iginium" which means talent,capacity for clever invention. It is concerned with applying scintific knowledge and mathematics to develop solutions for technical problems.
4th class:17.09.10
In this class we discussed about the meaning of "Management". The verb manage comes from the Italian maneggiare to "handle — especially tools", which in turn derives from the Latin manus "hand". We discussed the functions,roles & skills involved in management. At last we defined management as "a work of creating and maintaining an enviornment where in people accomplish goals efficiently.

This weeks brief feed back on wat happened in class: Kartik Nadgir

In ur first class u started with the discussions on wat are the opportunities after completing studies..no matter weather we restrict to Engineering or continue with masters 
We settled down for 4 possible outcomes(rather say only 4)
1)joining a job of wat we like 
2)starting our own business 
3)moving on to family business(u took analogy of ratan tata for that)
4)moving in career by not choice,rather say forced(u took analogy of Azim prem ji ,Veerendra hegde ji for that)

continued the rest of class with some basic concepts..came up with term Engineering management..We discussed on wat are the basic qualities or necessaries for one to move 
in the all possible outcomes 
We discussed on wat should a person need to do to set up his own business ...In further classes we discussed on three topics that comes under management

      Management                                                          IPR                                                        Entrepreneurship 
1   Engineering management                                                                 IPR                                                                               Entrepreneurship 
2   Planning,Forecasting ,Decision making                                             Patents                                                                          SSI
3   Organizing ,structure,Staffing                                                           copyrights                                                                      Institutional support 
4   Motivating                                                                                       Designs                                                                         project report 
5   Controlling 

we discussed on assignment that is to create a blog and post 5 topics and collect remarks on each topics within first internals 

We continued our next class with Concept of Engineering management 
Engineer:comes from word ignium -meaning talent,capacitor 

Engineer is one who is capable of managing,skilled,specialized knowledge etc 

we continued with discussion on evolution of engineering 
1717-In France during time of Napoleon ,he started a engineering school to build bridges and canals 
1787-first engineering school,Ecole polylekhige ,main purpose to build cities and towns 
1850-first engineering college 

u also said that Britisher's never built engineering colleges in there country rather they concentrated on building at there colonel countries 
France and India grew with more trained engineers 
Seymour after getting independence to USA in 1776 visited France and started engineering as 4 year course in America 

we continued our discussions with wat a professional course helps us to learn 
1)body of knowledge
2)intense preparation 
3)IEEE,ACM standards ---used by professionals 
4)Ethical standards

we discussed with meaning of management 
management comprises of   terms functions ,rules,skill etc

mannegian-To handle 
management was used in sports during Olympics in Greece,management was used as house keeping in British 

Different context of meanings with management 
1)management in Tata is good..management here means managing he whole stuff
2)management in CWG is awful  
3)Anil did management in London and joined company-Management Studies
4)management of tata are looking for successor--a group of people who represent company and enjoy higher priorities..here it eventually mean board of directors 
5)I couldn't get a seat through CET,i will look for management seat---that which comes under company or certain body.

Skills for management 
1)Technical skills (hold in his field)                                                                                              organizing ,decision making,staffing 
2)Inter personal skills 

we learnt that in today's world conceptual skill is more valued even though front line requires interpersonal skills 

A graph to demonstrate phases of management skills 
Front                                                                 Middle                                             Top




Interpersonal skills 


we discussed on role of manager 
1)a)Informational role 
   b)Spokes person
   c)dissiminator (circulating information)
   d)gate keeping 
2)a)Interpersonal ->Figure head 
   b)Liaison(developing links with powers in order of safety of company)
3)Decisional Role------->Disturbance handling 
                         ------->Resource allocation 

we concluded the class with meaning of management as
management is a work of creation and maintaining an environment where in people accomplish goals effectively/efficient (results)

Feed back 
Sir ur teaching was efficient and the way u conducted ur lessons with proper planning was excellent..delivery of lessons was perfect ,i still feel u could have related every topic ...

Thank you 
Yours faithfully


MEPIP Class Summary by Krutika... one of the most comprehensive Yet


       NAME        : KRUTIKA  DEVENDRA  TALEKAR            

       USN           : 2SD08CS050                                         

       ROLL NO    : 53                                                     

       CLASS       : 5th SEM                                             

       DIVISION    : A                                                            

       SUBJECT    : MEPIP                                                   

After learning  and  understanding about this subject,i came to know its importance about the opportunities that are opened to us after the         completion of Engineering....After the completion of engg ,the opportunities available to us are like we can start our own business,can get into partnership business,doing service jobs etc..we came to know as all how it is possible for us to carry out our own business..what are the needs ,what are its outcomes...

we studied about what we mean about engineering and what are the features of a  professional...
Engineering is a art of directing power of nature in making or use/convenience of man...Engineer comes from the word ingenium meaning talent,capacity,clever invention..  A Professional must possess a body of knowledge,intense preparation,qualified in professional associations,must have ethical standards..   

  Management deals with planning,forecasting,organising,motivating and controlling work that we undertake..its a work of creating and maintaining environment where in people accomplish goals effectively/efficiently..Management is derived from the word manus which means hand...we can have different meanings of management..like it may be called as organisation,administration,academic discipline,group of people,career..

Skills one must possess for management are he must have technical knowledge,interpersonal skills,conceptual skills..There are different levels in management i.e top level,middle level and frontline level..His roles are informational role,interpersonal role,decisional role,disturbance handling and resource allocation....

This is all that was dealt in class...

About this Blog:

This blog is created as part of my teaching of the course " Entrepreneurship, Management and Protection of IP" for the V semester of Computer Science and Engineering (Autonomy) , SDMCET Dharwad during the academic year 2009-10 (continued for 2010-11) 

The blog intends to be a study companion for my students and contain all resources: course syllabus, class notes, references, question bank, etc that support him/her in understanding the course contents and in preparing well for examination.

I extend these resources to all my teaching fraternity who are handling the course in our college. I make a humble request to each one of them to kindly go though the material here and guide me further in improving the content, style of presentation etc. I also extend these resource open to all my student friends across the state and seek their active use of these resource and also any tips in making this more useful and meaning. For additional course related resources you are welcome to consult my wiki that is created as part of this course

MEPIP : A Simple Case Study to introduce the course- Scope, Intent and Content

Let us use the following simple case to understand the scope of the course: Management, Entrepreneurship and Protection of IP. 

Chatur is emerging out of the world of learning after acquiring professional qualification( Engineering, management etc). He is about to enter the world of work and contemplating choices open to him.
  • What are his/her (1) entry options (list options)
  • Whatever path they choose for, the newly entered world entails new position, role, and responsibility  What are the challenges that he is expected to face (list of tasks).
Class room proceedings

The Choices
What are his/her (1) entry options (list options)
  •  Join a job as an employee- 
    • campus recruitments, or chetan Bhagat who joined an invest bank in Hong kong after his MBA from IIM, A, or Narayan Murthy who joined PCS
    • Join a family business: Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani of Reliance , Laxmi venu, Rishad of Wipro
  •  Start a company as an entrepreneur- Bill Gates Microsoft
The Tasks
Irrespective of choice made by them, they will have to face some tasks/challenges in tier new roles. They have to

  • make present job/business effective
  • Identify the potential of present ( job/business) and reality it
  • change present into new business for new environments ( eg. VRL-changed from goods carrier to passenger bus and in future it may enter into air travel also
The Resources:
In order to be successful in these new roles and facing those challenges - they needs some resources - such as knowledge, tools etc.The Objective of this course is to provide these knowledge and tools. The course covers the following knowledge inputs


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